About Shenzhen



Shenzhen located in southern China coastal frontier.

Most successful Special Economic Zone.

China's manufacturing, high tech, port city.

With world class transport infrastructure.

Clean, recreational and with best living quality.

Energetic for international trade and investment.

Tourist Attractive City

Comfortable Climate

Comfortable climate in Shenzhen

Comfortable with abundant sunshine and rainfall all year round due to its subtropical climate.

13℃−22℃/55℉−72℉ in December

Close Connection with Hong Kong

Direct ferry service liking the conference venue and several ports in Hong Kong, Zhuhai and Macau.

If arriving from the Hong Kong international airport shuttle, do not go through Hong Kong immigration and proceed directly to the ferry ticket counter.

TurboJET Ferry Service

Shekou Ferry Terminal

(Shenzhen Cruise Center)

Shekou -> HK International Airpor 07:45 – 21:00, 30 mins ferry
HK International Airport -> Shekou 09:00 – 21:45, 30 mins ferry
Shekou -> Central Hong Kong 07:45 – 19:45, 60 mins ferry
Central Hong Kong -> Shekou 09:00 – 20:30, 60 mins ferry
Shekou -> Macau / Zhuhai 08:15 – 21:00, 60 mins ferry
Macau / Zhuhai -> Shekou 08:30 – 20:45, 60 mins ferry

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