Online Conference


This page serves as a portal to the online conference. Here you will find the links to all events (keynotes/invited talks, panel, paper sessions, special sessions, demos and etc.). Please refer to the Format and Schedule page for overview of online conference.

Before the conference, all registered participants will be given login-credentials to access conference Zoom meetings and recorded talks. Click here to register. Note: Kindly note that the sync of the registration data to SlidesLive is not in real time and will be done on a 24 hours regular basis. For those registrants who already have accounts at SlidesLive website, you will have to use your own password. If you don't remember your password, you can click on "Forgot password" option and generate a new password.

Guidance for joining a session (To Registrants)

Note: To use breakout rooms for QA, you need to install the Zoom desktop client or mobile app of version 5.3.0 or higher.

Note: The opening hours of Amazon Virtual Booth are re-scheduled to be: Jan. 20 (Join Zoom) and Jan. 21 (Join Zoom), both at 10:30-11:30 AM (UTC+8 Beijing time).

Note: Recorded videos will be available for SLT registrants to watch until February 22. Afterwards the videos will be transferred to IEEE SPS Resource Center, which can be freely accessed by SPS members.

To watch recorded videos for the streaming sessions, just click the "Watch Recording" links below. Pre-recorded videos for papers and demos still can be accessed by first jumping to the webpages for the paper/demo sessions, and then clicking the paper/demo titles and the button "Paper and Video (new tab)".

Jan 19-22, 2021

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