Format and Schedule


In this page, we will give you an overview of the online format and the overall schedule for SLT 2021.

Before the conference, all registered participants will be given login-credentials to access conference Zoom meetings and recorded talks. Click here to register.

Overall schedule

The overall schedule for main program at SLT 2021 is as follows.


We are inspired by several of the earlier online conferences, but also wanted to experiment so that we can provide our experience to future events. Basically, we will be using SlidesLive for pre-recorded and live-streaming presentations, Zoom for live Q&A, and a special web portal.

1. Keynote and Invited Talk Sessions

The Keynotes and Invited Talks will be live-streamed at their designated time. Each talk will be 45 minutes followed by a 15-minutes live Q&A session with the speaker. The audience can orally ask questions, after the permission from the session chair. The audience can also post text questions via zoom, and the session chair will read out the questions to the speaker during live Q&A.

2. Panel

The panel session will be live-streamed at their designated times. The panel will start with introductory presentations from the panelist, and continue with open discussions regarding questions from the panel chairs as well as previously collected questions from the SLT 2021 Panel Questionnaire and possibly live questions from the audience.

3. Paper Sessions and Special Sessions

Each accepted paper will be assigned to a 1-hour live session, which consists of around 8 papers and is structured as follows.

Iteratively for each paper in the session (which, say, includes 8 papers):

12 min Q&A with authors (live; 8 different Zoom breakout rooms).

More precisely, for each paper in a session, there will be a 3-min highlight talk and a 3-min Q&A with the authors. At the end of the session, there will be a separate live Q&A for each paper for around 12 minutes in a Zoom breakout room.

4. Information for Authors of Accepted Papers

The authors of each accepted paper will need to:

5. Demo Session

Accepted demos will be assigned to a 1-hour live session, which consists of 10-minute pre-recorded presentation and 5-minute Q&A discussion for each demo.

6. Industry Forum

Talks from sponsors will be assigned to Industry Forums and be live-streamed at their designated time.

7. Sponsor Virtual Booth

Each sponsor will have a virtual booth, supported by a Zoom breakout room, at their designated time.

8. Opening and Closing Ceremonies

Opening and Closing Ceremonies will be live-streamed at their designated time.

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